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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hari Kokurikulum / Co-Curricular Day

hello!! Am back again. Decided to complete this post in English so that our friends from other countries also can read it and understand it!:)

Our school had this Co-curricular Day and it was based on uniform groups, societies and games. Each and everyone took part in it either as organizer or participants. There were some indoor games. Congkak was one of it! Food was all over, "hawkers" were busy cooking and trying to promote their delicacies...Mood of friendly competition was in the air!!=) Haunted House done by the Scouts was a great one too! Besides these activities, there were karaoke competition, Mendeklamasi Sajak (poem) went on in various places.. No doubt, this is a day where all present were managed to get closer to each others and enjoy the very moment in school! 

Lets take a look on those moments captured by our dearest photographer!:)

Our Sp.Ed students

Yeah! Hockey!

 Games / Activities held

Dear readers,
Do stay tune with our upcoming posts! Will try to update as soon as possible because the blogger is going for sports training with Sp.Ed. students!