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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Langkawi Day 4: Hello Malacca!

As usual, we had our breakfast prepared specially by the shop below our apartment and had a short and simple speech from our Special Education Senior Assistant ~ Ust Sajat as well as the person in charge for our trip over there ~ Cikgu Ray! Ust Sajat thank everyone ~ Cikgu Ray and the owner of transportation company for giving a helping hand throughout our journey in Langkawi, perhaps the pre visiting job as well.

Cikgu Ray giving his speech and Teacher Salomi as the interpreter

Cikgu Ray felt delighted with the present of us teachers as well as our deaf and hard-of-hearing students. He wished everyone a safe journey and do get back to him if we happened to visit the Island of Legends again. After speech, we had a souvenir handing over session as a token of appreciation towards all the plannings and the well accommodation we had during the stay.

Short while after, we went off to the Kentucky Fried Chicken branch at Kuah Town to get the sponsorship for our students. Yea, they gave just for the students and for teachers, sorry ~ get your own share yourself. Ya, is time to leave and Bye Bye Langkawi! We will see you again soon!
We headed towards Langkawi International Airport and flew back to LCCT. The journey took around 1 hour. When we landed on the ground of LCCT, we headed towards McD. They were so nice and friendly staffs. They even prepared the meals in separate packets so that is easier for our students as well as the teachers! Ya, this time, teachers ~ you all have your share!=) For the kind services and sponsorship we got, we hand in a token of appreciation to their manager. Thank You McD LCCT Branch and of course the Headquarter ~ Golden Arches Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. A big Thank You!

A photo during the passing over of token of appreciation to the managers in LCCT Branch

Bus was there after a 30 minutes of waiting. To appreciate the hardwork of our students, we do reward them and make them the role model to the rest.

Malacca ~ here we come!