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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Visit from Musan Sueok Middle School, South Korea & MRSM Terendak

This is the day!! Wow! Ya, this is the day where the whole school is waiting for ~ a school visit by students from Munsan Sueok Middle School, South Korea together with their host ~ Students and teachers from MRSM Terendak, Melaka.

We had our preparation starting from school reopens and few of our teachers were involved in the early preparation.

Before the arrival of our visitors

Ms. Joyce Tan were in the team to produce a Promo Video of the School, Mdm. Hjh Salomi Naim were preparing students for Khat as well as exhibition while Mdm. Duzaimah Kamaruddin were training our students for Choir which later performed 'Gemilang - Jaclyn Victor'. All Sp. Edu teachers were involved either pre or during the visit! Bravo to all Sp. Edu teachers!=)

 Visitors were warmly welcomed by all from Sp. Edu Integrated Program

During their visit to Sp. Edu, the principal ~ Mr. Megat Nasir bin Megat Hashim gave them a brief introduction on Sp. Ed followed by performance by the Sp. Edu choir team ~ 'Gemilang'. After that was the welcoming speech given by the Assistant Principal of Sp. Edu Integrated Program ~ Sir Hj. Sajat Bin Ahmad. As for Ms. Sindy was the interpreter for her principal and students


Signing (Interpret) & Speech

After the short speech, the visitors were to sign the Visitors Logbook while students had a very short tour around for the exhibition which exhibits students' art work. Korean students get to taste some local tidbits too! Besides that, each and every visitors get a bookmark done by the Sp. Edu students as a souvenir. Every single piece is different!

Signing the logbook

Students enjoying their tour to the exhibition

 Sp. Ed students' art work

Visitors were soon led to different rooms for some culture exchange session. The promo video was shown to the teachers and they were amazed that students are able to produce such promo video! 'hat-off' for the crew ~ Nicholas, XueYuen, Winnie, YiJia & Kiat Yong! They really worked hard! They managed to learn up some signs and mixed around with Sp. Edu students too! =)

After this session, students and teachers were led to the school hall for performances and luncheon. There was also exchange of souvenirs for both SMKTMu and Munsan Sueok Middle School.

Last but not least ~ a group photo!