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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cross Country 2014

Cross Country 2014 was carried out by the co-curricular unit. Students being divided according to their forms. As for Special Education students, they were divided into 2 groups only ~ Male and female. Prizes are separated with the main stream students:

Winners (Male):
  1. Muhammad Amirul Bongsu
  2. Muhammad Afiqaufa Sharilnurul
  3. Muhammad Faiz Abd Aziz
  4. Amer Syazwan Mohd Anuar
  5. Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman

Winners (Female):
  1. Mira Nor Azrin Rahmat
  2. Nurin Alya Halid
  3. Nurul Amirah Azman
  4. Joan Kang Ke Jin
  5. Noor Hafizah Mohammad Hamzah
Warming up before you run!

Ready ~~~~~

Yeah!! We are back! We did it!!!

2 of the winners