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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perkhemahan Pengakap Pendidikan Khas Peringkat Negeri

 Before the camp, we had our practice sessions for first-aid and marching:

When the day comes:

A yearly camping event which involves the whole Melaka Special Education Scouts. A picture speaks a thousand words, so you will see on your own!

 The cleaning and setting up for the campsite


We got 2nd runner-up for Marching Competition! Our participants are as followed:
  1. Anasfaidhy Sabri
  2. Shahzan'ny Solihin
  3. Abdul Qhalliz Azmi
  4. Nur Fariha Aman
  5. Noor Hafizah Mohammad Hamzah
  6. Siti Nurul Aida Suldi
  7. Siti Nurdhafina Hassim
Below right: students participating Cooking Competition

 Top: our top chefs!
Below left: students prepare for the Sketch Competition
Below right: Marching Competition

Our boys and girls!=)

 Our principal is with us! Thanks Mr. Megat Nasir

 Upper right: Sketch Competition

We won the 1st runner up for the sketch competition. Names of participants as followed:
  1. Shahzan'ny Solihin
  2. Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman
  3. Abdul Qhalliz Azmi
  4. Nurul Izzah Fakhira Mohd Ghaus
  5. Noor Hafizah Mohammad Hamzah
  6. Nurhayati Mamut
 Prize giving away ceremony

 Souvenir for Zone SMKTMu

Tokoh Pengakap:
  • Shahzan'ny Solihin

Drawing / Colouring Competition:
  • 1st  - Nurin Alya Halid
  • 2nd - Nurhayati Mamut
  • 3rd  - Nur Fatin Najihah Ramlee

After everything goes on smoothly, we headed back and this is what we have to do each year we participate in the camp. But thank you to all dearest students as well as PPMs, teachers, and especially those 4 practical teachers for all the hard work before, during and after the camp!! Bravo!