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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Community Service Responsibility (CSR) @ Zoo Melaka

All form 2 students together with another 4 students from the mainstream were chosen to represent in this CSR Program. This is the very first collaboration project between Special Ed & the mainstream (Kelab Bahasa Melayu Kod Tangan (BMKT) and Kelab Pencinta Alam). It is a good exposure for teachers and students on both parties to actually get together and know more about each other. It facilitates and enhances relationships!

(Above): Part of the participants of this program
(Below): Teachers and PPM
Ok, great! what we do throughout this program? Students were divided into 4 groups and moved towards different sections. In each sections, we clean and feed the animals there, including birds, primate, tortoise......by noon, lunch was prepared. Last but not least, a small cert giving cceremony.

  Different Sections

 Closing ceremony

 Group Photo