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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Langkawi Day 1: Beras Terbakar, Kilang Gamat Nusantara, Kota Mahsuri

We left for LCCT at 7.30am after given a speech by the principal. He wishes everyone a safe journey.

 We are going off! Piccaaa...=)

By 10am, we arrived LCCT and students were taught how to check on their flights, which gate to go to etc. Most of the students were first timers to take on flight! Exciting! and that's the purpose for this trip ~ To give exposure to students on how to take flight. *Yeap, we exposed students with MRT in Singapore, LRT in KL, Buses, and just left train and ship I guess..=)*

We separated into 2 groups which are 12pm and 12.45pm flight. Slight delayed for the second flight.

 Can you see? the clouds in the sky....and I am flying!

We arrived Langkawi International Airport by 2pm where everyone was super hungry that time! ~ Let's lunch! Opps, for a moment, Pic please....

~ phew...Safe and sound ~

Lunch brought by the tour guide. The food was kinda expensive! Huhu....Nevermind, this is the first time taking our meal since we step our feet on the ground of Langkawi! Our first tourist spot was Tapak Beras Terbakar ~

Tapak Beras Terbakar

Langkawi is a free duty island and of course is the best place to shop especially Langkawi is famous for its cigarette, of course not to mention CHOCOLATES! Before the shopping spree, the guide brought us to Kilang Gamat Nusantara. According to those who had used / drink before.. It is good, it cures wounds and get rid of those unwanted / unpleasant sickness. Forget to tell that Gamat in English is Sea Cucumber!=)

Minyak Gamat

The best spokesperson for ~ Minyak Gamat!:)

Many of the teachers bought few bottles back home and even the students..=) The next point was Kota Mahsuri. There is a legend behind it. Kota Mahsuri was formerly known as Makan Mahsuri (Mahsuri Mausoleum). It was erected in honor of Mahsuri, a maiden who was accused of adultery. According to the legend, Mahsuri bled white blood and before the last breath, she cursed on the island so that it would remain barren for the next seven generations. Till now, no matter fact or fiction, it had passed 7 generations and Langkawi is a tourist hot spot!

 Say 'cheese' @ Kota Mahsuri

We went back to the town where we stayed by 7pm and hang around and of course shop~~~ shop ~~~ and shop~~ till 9pm. Everyone were so sticky and the only bathroom in the house became the hotspot! By 10pm, students were given a short briefing and also to discuss the task completed by today itself.

Night!:) See you tomorrow..