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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Langkawi Day 2: Kilim Geoforest Park, Gunung Mat Chincang

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Kilim Geoforest Park

Before departure for Eagle Feeding

On the second day itself, we went to Kilim Geoforest Park which consists of 4 parts after our breakfast. We divided into 3 groups since the boat can only accommodate for 10-12 pax per boat. We were took to watch the red eagle feeding. The boatman just throw some food to the water and there you see the group of eagles flying and with their sharp eyesight, they are able to aim for that small piece of food! God is great, aren't HE!=)

The Eagle Feeding

After the eagle feeding, we went on to the sea and there we saw Dolphins! You are able to hear the melody of them calling and talking to each other where you feel calmness within.

See it? ~ Dolphin

We headed towards Fish Farm soon after the open sea. In the fish farm, students and teachers were exposed to various fish and sea creatures. Some of them who were daring enough got to touch the sting-ray..;)

 its slippery!

Everyone were so amazed with the 'ikan sumpit'. You might be wondering if these kind of fish can do some shooting stunts ~ YEAP! They are able to do so. The person in charge of the farm just placed some bread on the wood and then you will see these fish trying their best to 'shoot' down the bread so that they managed to eat it. How amazing, right?!

Gua Kelawar was the last station for us here in Kilim Geoforest Park. This is first time for many of the students as well as teachers to enter a 'gua' = cave.

Before entering the cave

Stalagmites and Stalactites in the cave was one of the attraction.

Other than that, as it's name ~ 'kelawar' which stands for 'bats'....you will see hundreds perhaps thousands of bats hanging themselves on the top of the cave. It was quite scary though! Besides bats, stalagmites, stalactites; students were exposed to mangrove area too.


We moved towards Gunung Mat Chincang where the famous Langkawi Cable Car located. There is a rabbit farm for visitors to take photo with the rabbits in that Oriental Village.

 Entrance to Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car with 3 stations where one will get up the cable car at the ground station, middle station is where you are able to get closer to the geological formation of 450 million years ago whilst the last station a.k.a the top station is where the sky bridge located. For your information, the sky bridge is 708metres above the sea level. On the top, one is able to feel the breeze of the air on top of the mountain! Langkawi cable car is also the world's steepest cable car.

Students & Teachers entering the capsule

 On the Viewing Platform

Sky Bridge

When we were on the way back to the top station from the sky bridge, due to the weather, the management have to close down the visiting to the sky bridge. How lucky are we..Phew....a sigh of relief... But after that, we were shocked of getting the earthquake news. And over here in Malaysia, many states felt the tremor and tsunami warning was out to warn the public! Oh, still remember the dolphins? As we recalled back, the boatman was saying that we were such lucky group to be able to see so many dolphins ~ and now, no wonder........As this is a sign of earthquake/tsunami or any natural disasters and animals have much sensitive senses on that!

We went back to our apartment after taking our late lunch. Every teachers were so worried as the tsunami warning was out. We have to be calm and pay attention to every news reported on that matter that night. Everyone were so awake. The owner of the apartment called us while we were on the way and told us to be back in apartment before 9pm as they might cut off the street lights and tremors might happen. 2 teachers ran to the nearest KFC which is about 5 minutes walking distance so to 'da bao' everyone's dinner. The rest were paying attention to the news report and we felt tremor that night too. Thank God that we are all safe.

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